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Live cloud transcoders take a single high quality stream as input and re-encode the video into 4 output streams at different resolutions and bit rates, allowing for smooth playback across device types and higher quality for those with better internet connections. Transcoders are typically available to use in 2-5 minutes after starting.

Beta Notice: The live cloud transcoder service is currently in beta. During this time, you will not be charged for usage. When the beta period ends, all accounts will be given an initial allotment of credits. Plus level and higher accounts will receive additional credits each month. Additional credits will be available for purchase.

The live transcoder expects an input video of at least 1280×720 with a 16×9 aspect ratio. If you need something different, please contact us.

16x9 (Widescreen) Video: Recommended Live Bit Rates

Resolution Min Max Ideal
1280×720 960 6000 4000
1920×1080 1440 10000 8000

The live transcoder generates multiple output streams.

The audio output will match your source (not re-encoded). The codec must be AAC. We recommend 128-192k stereo.

Cloud Transcoder Output

Resolution Bit Rate
match source 3500
1280×720 1500
640×360 1000
480×270 360

You can also simulcast to additional services such as Facebook Live (available now) and YouTube (coming soon).