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 ==== Add to Ghost ==== ==== Add to Ghost ====
-[[https://​​|Ghost]]+Open the [[https://​​|Ghost]] ​admin site and select "​Stories"​. ​ Select the post you would like to edit. 
 +Place your mouse pointer where you would like to add the series list and hit the large + (plus) icon.
 {{:​ghosteditpost1.png|}} {{:​ghosteditpost1.png|}}
 +Select "​HTML"​
 {{:​ghosteditpost2.png|}} {{:​ghosteditpost2.png|}}
 +Paste the embed code from the series manager
 {{:​ghosteditpost3.png|}} {{:​ghosteditpost3.png|}}
 +Here is an example of how this may look in your Ghost blog or site
 {{:​ghostpreview.png|}} {{:​ghostpreview.png|}}